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Team Work
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Time Management

Time Management Principles

Listen and Learn


Time management explains the attributes which are needed for the effective time management, and also the benefits of beginning with the limited range of the tactics, before extending these into the overall time management strategy.

Identifying a Time Loss

This will explains the importance of carrying out the objective review of how do you currently spend the time and identifying what proportion of the time is spent in the areas which are not essential for achieving the goals.

Urgency and the Importance

This will describes how to use urgency/importance grid to classify the tasks which you currently perform, and how to optimize an amount of the time which you do spend on each of the type of task.

The Effective Decision Making
It describes the various techniques which can contribute to the more effective decision making.

Setting the Goals
This will discuss of adopting the proactive approach in the order to anticipate the events and be in the position to identify and define the goals clearly.

Defining the Objectives
This will explains how to analyze the goals to define the series of objectives and need to rank the objectives in order to identify means and actions which are needed to achieve them.

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