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Some of the suggestions given for communicating effectively online with the teammates and instructors:

  • Start communicating with teammates as soon as the team is been established and must keep communicating.

  • Always be specific about why did you find the teammate’s ideas useful or interesting. If disagree with some aspect of the comment, do so in the respectful and in a considerate way.

  • If you do not understand some of the aspect of teammate’s submission or the comment, ask for the clarification.

  • If the comments from the online teammates bring out the strong reactions from you, give some time yourself to consider their point of views before giving any response.

  • The Team bonds will be strengthened when the team leader arranges to get a team members together periodically in the person. If not possible, try to incorporate the more casual meetings or the topics unrelated to work periodically.

  • Do Express appreciation for the ideas and the finished task's

  • Try to respond to the conference postings and the email within a 24 hours (maximum of 48). Set up the policies or the specific times to check the conference postings as the group. which will avoid someone missing out on the day of important meeting or the topic.

  • When you cannot send the complete reply in the timely manner, at the minimum let teammates know you got their message, and that the more will do follow for your reply.

  • The Communicate do concerns honestly.

  • Avoid the references to the private discussions you may also have the off-line with the team members.

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