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Negotiation Skills

Negotiation Strategies to Maximize Your Salary Offer

Best approach for the negotiation within the team is to adopt the win-win approach, i.e. the one in which both the parties feel positive about a situation when a negotiation is concluded. This will helps to maintain the positive working relationship later on.

This will governs the style of a negotiation. Histrionics and the displays of emotion are clearly inappropriate because they do undermine rational basis of negotiation and will bring the manipulative aspect to it.

Despite this, emotion can be an important subject of discussion. For a team to function effectively, the emotional needs of team members must be fairly met. If emotion is not discussed where needed, the agreement reached can be unsatisfactory and temporary. Be as detached as possible when discussing your own emotions. Perhaps it would be best to discuss your emotions as if they belonged to someone else.

Take some time always to consider the salary offer. Ask for the least of 24 to 48 hours. Silence is the golden - or it could become so - when do you just let it hang up awhile following the initial offer. Do not rush to fill a quiet void.

Weigh any of the offer against a company's expectations of you in a position rather than your own needs. A company has put itself on line with its offer. Rest assured they do have a cap, but you might have some of the wiggle room based upon how much value a company perceives you could bring them.

Prior to any of the job interview, compare the salaries for the similar positions. Websites such as offer the tools for the research. Knowing own worth and why a company would want to hire you, gives you the bargaining power. The salary offer itself is the testament to fact that a company perceives the value.

Write the "counter-offer" letter thanking the company for all its offer to you, recap why do they say they want you, and will enthusiastically proclaim the desire to join their team provided they will reconsider an amount of their offer. Accept a risk involved with this approach and will be prepared to walk away if it will not work.

Know when it is no longer in the best interest to keep the negotiating and then move on to next opportunity. Usually, if a situation does not feel quite right, it is not. You will not be happy working wherever you do feel you are a proverbial square peg in the round hole - especially if you do feel you were taken advantage of.

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