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Leadership Skills

Leadership Development Model Description


The skills development is only as good as a theory behind it. In the other words, before you could do practice, you should know and understand intellectually what should have to be done.

Let us say you do have a new fax machine. You just have explained a little bit of how a machine will work, bits, bites, the group 2 and group 3, dedicated lines and the digital. In fact, you just have explained a process to your trainee. Do you say, Here, you know do it, and simply walk away or actually show them all? Sometimes, it is better to show people what to do with the demonstration before a dreaded words, You try out.


Some of the leadership skill development efforts will require few minutes; others do take hundreds of hours. In a hundreds of hours category, we are becoming persuasive speaker. Even those with the great aptitude blessed with the large dose of the talent should practice endlessly to get really good.

On other hand, learning how to make the positive first impression it do takes less than 30 minutes since theory is not that complicated. However, one should still practice few number of times to get good at doing it.


The standard assessments are very good at measuring some of the things, but they cannot measure the motivation. In our development model, the person who is serious about the leadership skill development should be internally motivated to perfect a component skills required to be the transformational leader. It is unrealistic to expect any of the teacher or the coach to motivate a apathetic or a lazy to excel the leadership development.


The management professor have once mentioned that, "development of the leadership skills do requires feedback." Unfortunately, the behavioral feedback is commonly not done in most of the training programs.

There exists two ways to get the feedback: do it yourself or let others to do it for you. But we recommend skilled coaches who can provide the positive and negative feedback.


This is a term for perfection to "become all that you can be." This is the special state of the mind when the skill developed runs largely in a unconscious.

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