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Resume to boost your worth

There are several things you can put on your resume-and discuss in your interviews-that can help boost your worth. Actually they don't help boost your worth; they help prove you're worth more than the average person applying for the job.

Simply put anything that positions you as a top performer in your job or describes situations in which you performed above the level of your job will help increase your market value. For example, effectively managing people is often a valuable trait. If you have managed more than the typical number of people for your position and/or have some demonstrable superior skills, show that in your resume. If you have ancillary experience beyond the standard job responsibilities, those should be called out. Employers will often pay more for a person they believe has proven the ability to achieve critical results, whatever those may be for the job.

Some simple advice :

Check your spelling.
Verify your name, phone number, and E-mail address.
If you're sending a resume based on a referral, mention the name of the person who referred you in the first sentence of the cover letter.
Say what you did, not what you were "responsible for."
Give result when appropriate-for example, "this project saved the company $50,000," or "this report was used as a model for future engagements."
Don't lie.
Have something in your resume that is uncommon, yet isn't weird. Something to remember you by.
Your resume and cover letter are your marketing materials-use them to promote yourself.
Use a permanent E-mail address or a permanent E-mail forwarding address.

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