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Verifone Placement Paper

There are two parts :
1. Aptitute test : 15 Minutes, 20 Questions

Some questions are:
(not in order)

1. A question (first one)on addition of fraction of inches
a. was the answer

2. There were 36 chairs. how many ways can they be placed such
that all rows have equal no. of chairs and atleast three chairs
are there in each row and there are atleast three rows.
5 ways.

3. There are 27 balls, of which 1 is heavier. given a balance
how many times you need to weigh to find out the odd ball.
3 Weighs.

4. Product of three consecutive nos. 210. What is the sum
of two least numbers

5. If the area of the sqaure is increased by 69 % how
much the length of the side will increase?
6. if the sum of five consecutive nos. 35? how many prime nos
are there :
2 primes.

7. if the length of the rectangle is reduced by 20% and breath
is increased by 20 % what is the net change ?
4 % decrease
8. A question on sets.
There are some 20 Basketball players & 30 Football players,
and 25 cricket players. 1 of them plays all the three games.
8 of them plays atleast two games. They are 50 altogether.
How many of them plays none of the games.
9. A question on directions.
B is 20 miles east of A. D is 30 miles east of C. E is 10 miles
north of D. C is 20 miles north of B. How far E is from A?
Some 3 questions on Reasoning like,
10. If you say that giving stock options to employees increases the
productivity of the company, which of the following sentences
support it.
A) Giving stock options increases the morale of the employees
11. Gamblers comes to the Amusement parks. There are some Amusement
parks in each city. There are some gamblers in each city. So
what can you infer.
A) Amusement park always have gamblers.

2. Technical Questions.

i. Electrical & Electronics : 15 Questions
1.A Circuit with nand gates. (ans. may be XOR)

2.CMRR. relates to (options not in order)
voltage follower
non invering amplifier
inverting amplifier

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