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US-Technology Placement Paper

The written exam was not so easy. there was 90 questions in 90 mins.
Aptitude ( 19 Q) -- There were Prob. on Train, Time & Work and other simple problems.( Follow R.S.Aggarwal - Quantitative )
English (30 Q) -- Five paragraphs ... three of them are very long ... simple but very time consuming.
Reasoning (41 Q) -- There ware Qs from Data Suffiency, Blood Relations, Puzzles, Binary Series .. Coding Decoding .. etc.( Follow R.S.Aggarwal - Verbal-Nonverbal )

There was NO Negative marking ... I did it quite well. Probably the Cut off was not very high ... But there were individual cut off in every section.
Out of around 1000 students 375 were cleared the Aptitude round.

GD was made by making groups of 10 and a total of 38 groups were declared.
Some of the GD topics are:
* Use of Mobile phones in college campus
* Shahrukh Khan
* Private life vs Professional life
* Selection process for freshers in IT
* Blood donation is necessary
* Chocolate
* Should Sourav Gangully be the captain of India after W Cup ?
* Laptop or Desktop ?..etc

They some time gave few groups the freedom to suggest there GD topics too ... ! After the GD round 127 students was short-listed & asked to come next morning for Technical+HR.

In the Interview I faced the following questions --
* Tell me something about yourself ?
* Tell me something about your family back-ground ?
* Which subjects do you studied in graduation ? ( As I am a MCA student )
* Why Comp. Sc / MCA ?
* What is ur fav. sub. in MCA ? ( I answered: C )
* Why C ? ( I explained from my point of view )
* Write program in C to count the No. of words in a sentence ? ( I had written the program in-front-of him )
* What are ur future goals ? ( I explained my short term & long term goals )
* Do u have any Q ? ( I asked about the training procedures in US Tech )

At the end .. out of 127 students 58 were selected ... and I was one of them.

It was made clear by them at the time result declaration that, 80% of their selection is made by looking at the Aptitude paper and then the GD performance. And the remaining process is a chance for the remaining 20% candidates to prove themselves.

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