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Thinksoft Placement Paper

Patern: 60 questions 45 minutes

Reading Comprehension
Find Grammatical Mistakes
Data Sufficiency


Mandatory - compulsory

affirmed - confirmed

illicit - illegal

capricious - whimsical

alieviate - relieve,remove

Data Sufficiency

Two triangles are congruent

two triangles are right triangles

two triangles have same perimeter


statement 1 is enough

statement 2 is enough

statement 1 and statement 2 together is required

Statement 1 is enough and statement 2 is enough separately

data is insufficient

y > 0
y square 2 - 4 > 0
1.statement 1 is enough
2.statement 2 is enough
3.statement 1 and statement 2 together is required
4.Statement 1 is enough and statement 2 is enough separately is insufficient


37.5 % of a number is 450 what is the 87.5 % of the number?

30% of 40% of 200

SI = 240
R = 6
N = 4
P = ?

diff bet. simple interest and compound interest for 2 years = p(N/100) square 2 A problem based on this

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