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Texas Placement Paper

1st part is copulsary for's aptitude
75 qs in 60 min.....
-- 2 reading comprehesion.. 5 qs each...
-- quanta....5 qs.
-- data sufficiency..5 qs.
Q..u have weights only in power of 3... based on
it answer 5
qs. like for given weight what are the combination of
-- data interpretation 2 qs..5 qs each qs witin a circle population % is given
based on it 5
qs.(PI chart)
-- analitical
Q.. one tour is shedhuled for 9 countries..each
country have 2
days shedhule....tour held on for 12 days..
some cond'n are if u visit ROME u
have to visit
australia .....
based on it 5 which 3 countries
Q..4 metals are given..each year % price of these
metals are
increasing..some more cond'n.....based on it 4 qs..
answer of one qs is 13.6%
Q.. {x}=greater real of x
[x]=least real of x
x mod y = some expression is given
based on it 5 calculate 5 mod 3....

** 2nd part Electronics
20 qs....60 min.....'s 1 st qs of test paper..some cmos ckt. is
Q.. --Vdd
----|| A1
| ----|
| |

Function of A1 transistor
ans. Pull up to Vdd..
| R |
| |
---- cap.

ans..Ring osc...

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