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Tata Infotech Placement Paper

The pattern is : Section 1 : Verbal Time : 08 min No. of Q's - 32

Section 2 : letters Time : 10 min No. of Q's - 24
Section 3 : Numerical Time : 06 min No. of Q's - 32
Section 4 : Reasoning Time : 20 min No. of Q's - 20
*Section 5 : graphical Time : 35 min No. of Q's - 7

The no. of questions may vary. Time keeping is very important.

Every section has start time and stop time.Once the time is out we
cannot go through the previous section.


This section had Synonyms


A:guard B:watching C:roaming D:--- E: ----
going thro' GRE barrons will work.
Section 2 : letters

This had questions of type

1 : A D C G F ? which is the next in the series?
Ans : J

Before starting this section just write
A B C D---Z in the rough sheet when U R given time to read

Section 3 : Numerical

This section is a rapid fire round .
We have to work it in mind not with paper.
Simple mathematics with Addition,Multiplication,Division.

Section 4 : Reasoning

This section has questions from aptitude

Distance,Proportion Very simple time keeping is important.
Section 5 : graphical
cutoff : 30/35

This section has 7 flowcharts with 5 Q's each.
We have to read the question and then observe the flowchart.
Careful observation with logical thinking is enough.
There r empty cells in flowchart numbered 1 Thro' 5
We have to guess which out of 5 choices exactly fits the cell

|==========| |===| |============== |
|select first | ------>| 1 |- --->| IS >4000 & <5000
|==========| |===| |============== |

In question there are ranges given
IS salary of emp 1 : <4000 - type A
2 : >4000 & <5000 - type B

3 : > 5000 - type C
So in cell 1 the choice is

a : Is >4000

b :Is =4000
c : Is <4000 Ans

Tata Infotech Placement Papers 

Tata infotech test on 24 sep.The test was quite easy but really the
time is not at all suficient.The pattern is as follows:

There were totally 5 sections.

1)Verbal ability: There were abt 36 GRE words.Time alloted is 8 min.

2)Alphabet series: There were abt 24 qns.Time alloted is 8 min.

3)Quantz: There were abt 36 qns.Time alloted is 6min!!!.U have to be
very very fast.U need not require any preparation.It was like:
Only abt 3-4 qns were like RS agarwal type.So u better be fast in

4) Reasoning:Very easy.24 qns.20 min.I solved all in this part & was
left with 2 more min.U need not have any preparation.

5) Flow charts: It was a bit different from usual flowcharts.
There were totally 7 qns.Each problem had 5 cells indicated with nos
1,2,3,4,5.Also, objective of each problem was given.U need to fill the
5 cells in each qns with appropriate answers.So totally u have to
attempt- 7qns*5cells in each=35 cells.time is 35 min.They told that there is
a sectional cut-off & it is very high.They leaked the flow chart
cutoff.U have to get 30 out of 35.

Tata Infotech Placement Papers

Directions: Give the synonyms for the following words

1. Depreciation: deflation, depression, devaluation, fall, slump

2. Deprecate : feel and express disapproval,

3. Incentive : thing one encourages one to do (stimulus)

4. Echelon : level of authority or responsibility

5. Innovation : make changes or introduce new things

6. Intermittent : externally stopping and then starting

7. Detrimental: harmful

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