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Talisma Placement Paper

part 1 of paper
first aptitude having five sections (50 questions and 45 minutes)

part 2
second c debugging (test ur c skills - yashwant kanitkar)(questions 20 time 30 min.)

paper 1

section one

15 questions (data sufficiency)
a alone is sufficient
b alone is sufficient
a and b are both sufficient
a and b both are insufficient

section two

five questions (reading comprehence )
very easy

section three

15 questions (logical reasoning)
a pare is given and some hints are given u can fine out the ans

one hotel has two zones (east and west) not all east zone flats have ocean view but all weat zone flats have harbour view all ocean view flats has extra charge in harbour view flats above and on 3rd floor have extra charge west zone flats lower than 3rd floor some has kitchen so extra charge all other flats of east zone not having ocean view has kitchen so extra charges

section four

10 questions verbal reasoning four or five sentences are given related to single topic four options are given which are having order of three sentences(abe or bec) select correct order

sections five

five computational questions which were easy

* total 12 members half are in club a one third in b and one fourth in c how many are not in any club
ans 5(check)

these type of questions u can find in
R. S. Agrawal
or IMS package of CAT

in question it was written that all five sections carry their cutoffs so attempt all but in electrical one guy was selected who didnot attempt reading comprehension but attempted all 45 questions this paper also has negative marking of 50%

paper 2

1.what does p in
const char *p
stands for
p can be changed like this

sturct date {
char name[20];
int age ;
float sal;
sturct data d ={"rajesh"};
tell the output

int i=7;

4.void main()
int d ;
int i=10;
d =sizeof(++i);

5.difference between
extern int f();
int f();

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