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Technical Screening Assessment (version 1.0)

How many devices can work on a single IDE channel?

ISDN uses --- technology
a. only digital
b. digital and analog
c. only analog
d. neither digital nor analog

If a computerís BIOS allow, you can boot from a CD-ROM
a. true
b. false

CD-ROMs typically hold --- of data

Firmware refers to what component?
a. hard drives
b. floppy drives
d. RAM

Your CD-ROM audio cable connects to the:
a. speaker
b. sound card
c. hard drive

Conventional memory is the first ---k?
a. 1024
b. 1048
c. 640
d. 512

What is the easiest way to make a bootable floppy disk?
a. buy one
b. using the sys c:a:/bootup command
c. start/settings/control panel/system/make start up disk

scan disk checks and fixes ---
a. tape drives
b. hard drives
c. CD ROM drives
d. DVD ROM drives

A user complains that when opening email attachments, the attachments disappear or cause an application error. What could cause this problem?
a. a possible virus
b. an incorrect setting in config.sys
c. autoexec.bat loading improperly
d. an incorrectly installed e-mail program

What is the purpose of a driver?
a. tells the OS how to interact with the device
b. improves the performance of installed devices by optimizing access patterns
c. provides more useful memory by moving device control data to extended memory
d. modifies application programs to work correctly with devices attached to a system

your modern will not detect a dial tone. What is the most two likely cause?
a. phone line may be defective
b. modem is set for tone dial
c. the ISP is down
d. the modem is set to disable call waiting

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