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St-Microelectronics Placement Paper

there were two papers
1. separate for the hardware (electonics people)
2. and other for the software (comp).

Software paper

There were 3 sections the questions in these sections were mixed with 2-3 aptitude question, questions on comp n/w & OS were 7-8, 1-2 on CSO, 1 que on controls, 1 on sampling theorem some on Comp Arch. & digital logic & 7-8 on C.

section 1 contains 11 questions
section 2 contains 13 que
section 3 contains 13 que ( total = 37 que , marks= 50)

All the 3 sections was compulsary and u,ve to give a preference among the section 2 & sec 3 so that the weightage for the second one will get doubled. Negative marking was there.

here are some of the ques which i remember

1. which conversion is not possible
a. float to int
b. int to float
c. char to float
d. all are possible
Ans: d

2. threads have which thing in common
a. register set
b. data section
c. thread id
d. ...
Ans : b

3. one que like
int x=5, y;
y= x*x++ * ++x ;

// print x and y

4. A CPU has four group of instruction set A, B, C, D
CPI of A = 1
CPI of B=3
Cpi of c =2
cpi of d= 4
the cpu access 20% of A, 30% of b, 30% of C and 20 % of D
what will be the average CPI.

Ans: 1*20/100 + 3* 30/100 + 2* 30/100 + 4* 20/100
( this que was repeated in section 2 & 3)

5 . a question on hit ratio n effective memory access time.

6. main()
int a=10,b=5
while ( --b>=0 && ++a)
print (a);
print (b);
ans: a=16, b=-2

7. main()
char i;

for (i=0; i<=255; i++)
printf("%c", i);
Ans: never ending loop

8. One question on controls systems
to find the transfer functn
poles n zeroes were given in a graph
ans: s(s-2)/(s-3)(s-4)

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