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Sct Placement Paper

Rs.1260 shared amonng A,B,C in the ratio 2:3:4.What is the C's Share?
Ans: (4/9)*1260 =560

There are 2 cups one half filled with tea and other half filled with coffee.If 1 tea spoon of tea is takebn and mixed with coffee cup & 1 tea spoon from thecoffee mixture is taken is mixed with tea cup.Which has higher concentration?
Ans: Tea

Jack is taller than Peter.Bill is Shorter than Jack.
a) Bill is Taller than Peter
b) Bill is Shorter than Peter
c) Bill is as Tall as Peter
d) imposssible to say
Ans: d


A Room has round table at one corner.The one edge of the table is 5 inch from the wall and the other edge is 10 inch from the other end of the wall.What is the diameter of the table.

A passage is given in a jumbled manner.Rearrange and give a suitable heading

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