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Scadent Placement Paper

1) General Aptitude
2) Technical Aptitude(JAVA , XML)

General Aptitude:

1) (3 km 405m 76cm)/(10km 217m 28cm)
a) 1.3km
b) 1/3
c) 1/8
d) 33/3
e) none of these
2) find the middle term 5,15/2,..,25/2,15
a) 10
b) 9
c) 23/2
d) 8
e) none of these
3) The principal amt is 10,500 has given for interest the amt in first year is 11,025 and in second year it 11576.25 what is the rate of interest
a) 5%
b) 4%
c) 2%
d) 3.5%
e) none of these
4) the temperature in first three days of the week is 27 and the next three days is 29 and the average temperature of the week is 28.5 what is last day’s temperature
a) 31.5
b) 42
c) 41.5
d) 27.5
e) none of these
5)Two series given are 16,21,26.. and 17,21,25.. Find the sum of first 100 common numbers
I don’t remember the options
6) 1/16 of a number is 51 .which is 50% greater than the other number .
a) 824
b) 926
d) 786
e)none of these
7)In a triangle (B+C) = 130 find A IF Angle A = Angle C

a) 80
b) 60
c) 70
d) 50
e) 30
ans: if it is to find A 50 find b 80

8) find the area of the triangle height 6cm and base is 11cm
a) 66 cm2
b) 33 cm2
c) 99cm2
d) 60cm2
e) none of these
9) In a bag there are 10paise ,20 paise,25paise coins are in 7:4:3 respectively .They altogether amounts to 90/- .How many 25paise coins were there.
a) 120
b) 180
c) 160
d) 30
e) none of these
10) In a den there were Pigeons and Rabbits and altogether 20 heads and 48 feet are there. So how many pigeons were there
a) 16
b) 14
c) 8
d) 12
e) none of these
11) There was one problem on addition of 5 digit numbers I don’t remember those numbers But the Answer is e) none of the above

12) In mixture of Acid and Water they are in the ratio of 1:4 in one container and in other they are in the ratio 4:5 what ratio of the content is added to get the ratio of 2:7
a) 1:10
b) 10:1
c) 3:5
d) 2:7
e) none of these
13) If “Foot Ball� is Cricket , Cricket is Basket Ball ,Basket ball is volley ball ,Volley Ball is khokho and khokho is cricket which is not a ball game
a) cricket
b) khokho
c) basket ball
d) Volley ball
14)Leopard is 200 m away from the deer . Deer runs at 10km/hr and Leopard runs at 12km/hr after how many km from its starting position the deer can b caught
a) 3km
b) 5 km
c) 1km
d) 2km
e) none of these
15) A man can swim downstream at 6km/hr and upstream at 2km/hr his speed in still water is
a) 4 km/hr
b) 2 km/hr
c) 6 km/hr
d) 1 km/hr

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