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Sapient Placement Paper

Write appropriate comments for your code wherever required.
Focus on the approach & demonstrate problem comprehension & logic.
Assume anything required & clearly indicate your assumptions.

Qs. 1: A company has many employees & each employee is led by only 1 person except for the CEO (who has no boss). The cost to the company of an employee is the sum of his salary plus the cost to the company of all the people led by him. Given is the following structure :


Data members:








a) Define the class/structure

b) Write a function getCostToCompany() to calculate the cost to the company of an employee whose name is passed as a parameter to the function getCostToCompany()

public float getCostToCompany(String name)

Note: Donít write any input functions such as main() & assume that the data structures have already been defined.

Qs. 2: Generate an ordered sequence of 4 unique alphabets (A-Z), where an ordered sequence is one which is arranged in ascending alphabetic order.

Eg. Ordered : ABCD, BCHU, KRXZ

Unordered : DCBA, BNMA

Write a function getOrderedSet() to generate sets of such 4-alphabet sequences.

Note: Donít write any input functions such as main().

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