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Redpine Placement Paper

redpine signals test held on 19 oct (for cse it mca) only technical test which comprises of 100 marks after the test there r 2 technical interviews & 1 hr test consists of qs from c,ds,cn,os in the interview they mainly stressed on c & networks & the mistakes u did in the test paper pattern is as follows
1)a single line prg code to find whether the given no is a power of 2
2)single line code for copying one string to other without using strcpy
3)can v jump from one function to other using goto?
4)to return more than 1 value what u will do?
5)return value of *p++
6)diff between int fun() && extern fun();
7)can we return an address of auto variable from fun.if s say how ?if not say y?

1)to store heterogenous data in linked list what ptr should we declare?
2)8queens ->backtracking
3)recursion uses -> stack
for more qs plz refer to the material given in
all were from that only
so go thru it
1)tftp ->trivial file transfer protocol
2)ftp uses ->tcp/ip
4)class b address range
5)mac storage ->6bytes
7)803.11 ->lan
signal can be sent thru -> kill
1)4p 3pens 2e cost 20 & 2p 3pens 4e cost 34 how much 3(p+pens+e) cost
2)a man sold some melons which r....................
sol x be the original no of melons
)1/2+x/2 is the one he has sold
so he was left with (x-1/2-x/2)=x/2-1/2=1(given)
3)a watch loses 2sec for every 5min for 10 hrs how much time it loses
4)refer to george summers problem of sridevi playing tennis
5)one more q which was easy
ans)clark is the landlord

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