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Quark Systems Placement Paper

29) Which of the following is true about thread and process startup speed:
a.) The startup of a thread is faster than a process.
b.) The process startup is faster as it is directly controlled by the OS.
c.) They will be equal.
d.) Depends on OS that is used. Faster on Windows98 slower on NT.
Ans. a

30) What causes "Thrashing" of a program :
a.) The constant swapping of program due to page faults.
b.) The inability of a program to get assess to a network resource.
c.) A near overflow / underflow of a variable.
d.) Assessing a memory area not allocated to the process.
Ans. a

31) Turbo-C is a / an
a.) IDE and C compiler/linker.
b) C-compiler/linker
c) C .
d) code generator.
Ans. a

32) The path of creation of an executable is :
a.) coding, linking, compiling, parsing.
b.) coding, parsing, compiling, linking.
c.) coding, compiling, parsing, linking.
d.) coding, compiling, linking, parsing.
Ans. b

33) Memory leak in software is due to
a.) Heavy recursion used in logic.
b.) Using structures of large size
c.) Improper use of the CPU registers.
d.) Improper release of allocated memory .
Ans. d

34) A "stable sort" is different from "sort" in the following way
a) Stable sort handles multiple thread access.
b.) Stable sort maintains the order of equal entities as it was in original sequence.
c.) Stable sort will always sort using the fastest scheme available in the library.
d.) Stable sort can handle exceptional conditions like interrupts in software.
Ans. b

35) The classic way of checking whether a mathematical expression has matched paranthesis will employ the following data structure :
a.) List.
b.) Directed Graph
c.) Threaded Binary tree.
d.) Stack.
Ans. d

36) The fastest sorting algorithm for a Random set of numbers is:
a.) Quick sort
b.) Shell sort
c.) Bubble sort
d.) Double Bubble sort.
Ans. a or b, I donít know

37) Which of these items is not a form of IPC:
a.) Shared Memory
b.) Pipes.
c.) Message queues.
d.) Semaphores
Ans. b

38) The term "socket" in software refers to:
a.) The software primitive which allows access to the hardware attached to the computer.
b.) The API exposed by drivers to assess a hardware.
c.) End point of connection used to transfer data programmatically.
d.) Th primitive used by OS to get assess to the CPU for process scheduling.
Ans. c

39) Which of these statements is True:
a.) XML is a sub-set of HTML.
b.) XML is a less generic markup language standard derived from SGML.
c.) XML is HTML for Xtended Interfaces like mobile-phones.
d.) XML is a Xtension of HTML which defines new tags.
Ans. d

40) DCOM and CORBA are:
a.) Specifications which enable faster downloads on the net.
b.) Specifications that allow objects to be accessed in a location independent manner.
c.) Parallel implementations of XML by Microsoft and Sun respectively..
d.) Specifications to store objects on disk, for later retrieval.
Ans. b

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