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Oracle Placement Paper

1. what is sparese matrices?. give (at least) two methods for implemetation
rather than two dimentional array.
2.what are cheap locks/latches?.
3.what is two phase locking?. Name two locks.
4. What are volatile variables in C?. What is their significance ?.
5. will these two work in same manner
#define intp int *
typedef int * inpp;
6. what are binary trees?. what is its use?.

section 3 :

A). write header file containing functions used, etc (C),
problem is to maitain a Queue. user has to give size and type of Queue.
This problem is like this I don't remember exactly.
B). C++
1. What is polymorphism?
2. What is Inheritence?.
3. Mention four Object Oriented Programming Languages?>
4. Mention basic concepts of OOP.
5. What are messages in OOP?.
6. What is garbase collection?.
7.what is object?.
8. what is a class?.

section 4:
1. expand the following:
a.SEI b. ISO
2. what are different levels of SEI?.
3. What is significance of ISO?>
4. Expand the following:
a. WWW
5. what is Black box testing?.
6. explain the following:
1. white box testing
2. white box testing
3. boundary testing
4 stress
5. negative
6. system
7. unit

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