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Nucleus Placement Paper

4 sections each of 15 minutes having 15 questions...
1. Quantitative aptitude
2. Logical reasoning
3. General English
4. Technical aptitude

English Section:

gruesome=? (4 choces were given)



4 sentences were given,they asked u to choose right senctence.
ans: How's the weather

Mirror on the wall.They asked to replace on word with meaningful option.
ans: mirror at the wall. (Plz check.)

He sometimes works________night.
c)all of the above
d)none of above
ans: c(check)

The document______delivered.
ans: has been(plz check)

____ is it from manchaster to london.
ans: How far

I have______my car.
ans: driven

Correct the sentence....They have been doing it since 12 months.
ans: replace 'since' with 'for'

Logical reasoning

if 1234567573 is coded as xxxxxxxxxx and 563423is coded like xxxxxx the 3512 will be coded as? (only format of question, i m mentioning, question is very easy..even a class 3 student will answer)

Same as previous question with different data.
ans: MEAT
Some analogy questions were given....






John and David....Age of both is asked.
ans: the option in which age of John is 40.

Analogy question...
ans: Saturday: Monday (check it)

nalogy question...if 20:21 then what is the appropriate choice

Quantitative Aptitude

if a jug evaporates 1/3 rd in first day and 3/4 th of remaining water in the second day.What percentage of water will be
remaining? ans:20%(check it)ans may be 16.6 viz not given

what is the angle between hands of hour and minute in a clock when the time is 8:30? ans:75 degree

In 10 minutes how many degrees hour hand rotates? ans:5 degree

if 17xy+7 =19xy then 14 xy=?
a) 2xy-x
b) 2y
c) x-2y
d) don't remember

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