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Manhattan Associates Placement Paper

About the Company:
The company is in ITPL, Bangalore. And around 200 people strong in India. The whole company is around 1000 people strong world-wide. It's a product based company and dealing mostly with Supply-Chain management and Data Warehousing.


There are 4 rounds:
Written Test
Technical Interview
CEO interview
HR interview

The Written test pattern:
50 Questions -- 1.5 hours of time.
Most of the questions are multiple choice.

The split up is :
EJB (10 Questions)
JAVA (20 Questions)
JSP (5 Questions)
MISLLENEOUS - XML, JDBC etc (5 Questions)
ANALYTICAL (5 Questions)
SQL (5 Questions)

1) What is true about 'Primary Key class' in Entity Beans ?

(a) Used to identify the entity bean based on EJB type, Home Interface and Container Context.
(b) Used to identify the entity bean based on EJB type, Remote Interface and Container Context.
(c) The definition of Primary Key class can be deferred till deployment

2) The Home Interface in Entity beans

(a) Provides at least one create() method
(b) May not provide any create() method
(c) Provides at least one findByPrimaryKey() method
(d) May not provide any findByPrimaryKey() method

3) In CMP of Entity beans

(a) Constructor with no arguments is defined
(b) Constructor is not defined

4) What is the purpose of ejbLoad()

5) What is the purpose of ejbStore()

6) In EJB, when a system error occurs, which exception is thrown ?

(a) EJBException
(b) RemoteException

7) In EJB, which of the following is an application level Exception ?

(a) NullPointerException
(b) ArrayOutOfBoundsException
(c) CreateException
(d) ObjectNotFoundException
(e) All the above
(f) None of the above

8) CMP bean provides

(a) Empty implementation of ejbLoad() and ejbStore()
(a) Concrete implementation of ejbLoad() and ejbStore()

JSP and Mislleneous
1) What is the purpose of XSL

(a) Convert XML to HTML
(b) Convert HTML to XML

ANS: (a)

2) resultSet has the following methods

(a) next()
(b) first()
(c) a & b
(d) No methods

3) In WebLogic clusters, what is the load balancing algorithm ?

(a) RoundRobin
(b) FIFO
(c) LIFO

ANS: (a)

WebLogic uses a Round-Robin strategy as default algorithm for forwarding the HTTP requests inside a cluster. Weight-based and random algorithms are also available.

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