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Logica CGM Placement Paper

There were 4 sections,120ques and 60 minutes.

1. verbal ability (use of is , am, are, words like suspended and imperceptible, and a passage)

2. analytical ability (questions from sets, and valuation of _expression by changing * to /,+ to - etc)

3. mental ability (questions like cube to divide 729 parts and then colou it and then to count how many of them are colored both the sides, three sides or none, a puzzle)

4. its based on your option (C/C++/JAVA/Testing). I opted for c and questions were mostly from exploring c. a large part of C was from pointer and structure.
after this written there was a communication round very similar to jam session and then it was PI and then offer letter on the spot.

Interview Q's asked by LOGICACMG for testing

technical round;

1:bug life cyle
2:projects done
3:wat tool do u use
4:how to choose the tool
5:problems during the testing
6:wat did u do to solve them
7:wat version did u use (winunner)
8:how to map the requirements to d test cases (traceability matrix)

hr round

1:wat would u do if u find a bug
2:wat if the developer denies the bug
3:wat bug tracking tool did u use
4:wat r the different data it contained
6:wat were ur responcibilities

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