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Keen Placement Paper

Qualifying mark: 50% marks in each section. (sometimes it is 60%)
Paper consists of 3 sections. No separate timing for each section. You can divide it as and how u wish.

section 1: Mathematical Ability & Aptitude---------30 marks
section 2: Verbal and Comprehension-----------------25 marks
section 3: Computer Basics & Logical reasoning---20 marks

SECTION 1: Mathematical Ability & Aptitude-----30 marks
* Number systems like--
How many numbers between 100 and 200 are odd, divisible by 3, but not by 7?
Also on lcm, hcf, etc.

*Time &work
*Areas and volumes, length of chord etc.

SECTION 2: Verbal and Comprehension-----------------25 marks

Analogies---5---5 marks
Antonyms---5---5 marks
Reading Comprehension----2 passages (big but easily understandable)--- 2*5=10 marks
Arrange the sentences--------5 questions, 5 marks, each question is as follows.........
P: Alas! she had only 30 rupees with her.
Q: Bindu got late for the exam and she started in a hurry.
R: She called an auto and he demanded 50 rupees..
S: She blamed her hurry, as in hurry, she forgot to bring more money.
T: She went to the busstop and there were no buses.

The following is the exact order of sentences:
a) PRSTQ b) QTRPS c) RSQPT d)QPRTS e)none of these
Answer :b

SECTION 3: Computer Basics & Logical reasoning---20 marks

Computer Basics----very very easy------10 marks
Logical Reasoning------ 10 arks, 10 questions, each question is like this........
P: All girls are Bindus.
Q: Some Bindus are boys.
R: All Bindus are boys.
S: Some boys are not girls.
T:All girls are boys.
U:All boys are girls.

The following sentences are logically related:
a) UTQ b) PQS c) TSP d) RPS e) QSP
Answer : b

There will be 4, 5 sets of question papers. So, each one will get a different question paper.
The model of the paper itself seems tough(for me, atleast) and one would end up with no time.
Hence, to get through this paper, TIME MANAGEMENT is the crucial factor. One needs to keep
oneself cool too, while answering the paper.

1) first personal
2) asked about cobol,basic fundamentals
3) about project (i have done vb,oracle) so that there were
questions about sql,queries
4) 2 questions on arithmatic like(2 trains starting in opposite
direction one bird flying and so on...)
5) 2 questions on management life if u are head of a school
and there are no profits for ur school, then what will u do?
6) last about family background ?

1) c concepts,programs asked to write
2) c++(virtual functions,static ,polymorphism)
3) cobol divisions
4) project questions(asp)
5) data base questions
6) some personal details and 3 puzzles like largest number
with 6 numbers etc.
7) about my ur self.

1) project
2) dead lock and prevention,detection methods
3) page faults with example
4) OSI reference model
5) swaping with out using 3rd variable
6) inorder, preorder, postorder(data structures traversals with example)
7) some sql queries containing having, orderby, groupby and subqueries
8) multi level threads, multi tasking difference
9) query for count the employees departmentwise
10) database types
11) diff. b/w dbms and rdbms
12) tcp/ip networking model
13) diff. b/w ring topology and bus topology
14) hr question : if u r officer incharge of hitech city like a plane
crashes into wto towers a plane crashes into the hitech city
then what r the measures taken by you to save the people inside
the building ?
15) diff b/w physical memory and logical memory ?
16) query for converting one to many relation in to a one to one relation ?
for this he was given his own table !
17) binary search algorithm ?

1) about my self
2) about project
3) computer networks- in which layer router is used
4) stack program
5) types of a database - explain them
main stress on relational database.
6) what is compaction.
7) operating system.

1) normalization
2) data abstraction
3) use of trees
4) types of data base systems
5) finding an element in hierarchical database
6) sql queries
7) operator overloading, overloading ---> difference
8) polymorphism implementation
9) tcp / ip
10) osi/iso layers
11) differences in tcp and iso
12) functions of layers in tcp,iso
13) relation between primary key,foreign key

1) questions on my project
2) what is ur favourite subject
i answered 'neutral networks'
3) what is ur favourite programming lang.
my answer is 'c'
4) they asked me to write a program for bubble sort ?
5) wap to print pyramid of stars?
6) program to check whether the given no is armstrong
number or not?
7) they asked one question on o.s.concepts ?
8) a puzzle "there are three bulbs in a room and there
r three switches outside the room........" ?
9) another puzzle "there r 2 stations a and b of distance of 200km
and two trains start from each station oppositely...."
10) do u have any doubts ?

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