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Hughes Placement Paper

1. Find the probability of getting a number with 7 between 100 and 999 (both inclusive).

2. There are 10 items in a box, out of which 3 are defective.
2 balls are taken one after the other.
What is the probability that both of them are defective?

3. Context free grammar is accepted by

a) finite automata
b) push down automata
c) two way bounded automata
d) both b and c

4. Which is not a memory management scheme?

a) buddy system
b) swapping
c) monitors
d) paging

Ans : c

5. Simplify the Karnaugh map given below and derive its expression in SOP form

6. Question on NAND gates implementation.

7. Definition of Context Sensitive Grammar

8. An identifier can start with a letter followed by any number of letter or digits .

9. With the following configuration:
8MB total memory, 256kb cache , 4kb is block size.
Using direct mapping, how many different physical memory blocks can be mapped on to the cache.

(a) 64 (b) 256 (c) 128

10. CSMA/CD is used in

a) token ring
c) ethernet

11. In TCP/IP header, checksum contains

a) sum of all the words
b) ones complement of the data
c) ones complement of the sum of all the words
d) ones complement of the sum in ones complement

12. What is the maximum number of acknowledgements for a 4 bit sequence number in a sliding window protocol.

13. Which is a good way of representing varaibles in recursion

a) local variables
b) static varaibles
c) global variables

14. Given the following c program

static int i = 10;

What is the value of i if the function is called twice ?

15. Given the following c program

func(int *i, int*j)
{*i=*i * *i;
*j=*j* *j;

{ int i = 5, j = 2;
printf("%d %d", i, j);}

What is the output?

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