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Crompton Placement Papers 


1) Magnetic compass indicates

a) true north pole b)alionic earth pole c)geographic north pole d)magnetic north pole.

2) For a cantilever beam with uniformly varying load, shape of bending moment curve is

a)parabolic b) hyperbolic c) straightline d) cubic.

3) For perfectly elastic bodies, coefficent of restitution is a) 0 b) 0.5 c) 1 d) infinity.

4) For 1st order lever, mechanical advantage is a)<1 b)>1 c) =1 d)none.

5) 18:4:1 in H.S.S represent a) 18tu : 4vn : 1 cr. Other choices r just interchanged.

6) Due to intense braking of an automobile reaction of wheels on road

Will be equally distributed to all 4 wheels.
Will be more at rear wheels
Inertia will be on the front wheels.
Not remember.
if u apply brakes on the weels of a bicycle then

a. normal reaction on the wheel increases

b. normal reaction on the wheel decreases

c. normal reaction remains same as there is no radial component of frictional force

7) thermal efiiciency of I.C engines will be a)20-25% b)30-35% c)60-75% d) 45- 55%.

8) when a mass is supportedby spring of spring constant k, which is cut in 4 equal pieces and the connected in parallel way the equilent spring constant is a)k/4 b) 16k c) 64k d) k.

9) when a mass is supported on roof of a elevator and elevator moves with an acceleration of 4.9 m/s2 shows a spring reading of 15kg, then the weight of the body is a) 10 b) 15 c) 30 d)20.

10.Mass production of bolts and rivets is by a .hot extrusion b .forging c .cold heading d .cold peening

11.why doesn’t mercury stick to glass tube

a .cohesive force>adhesive force b .cohesive force<adhesive force

c .cohesive force= adhesive force d .none of the above

12.How r bolts and nuts manufactured? a.head stamping b .cold extrusion c .cold peening d .forging

13.Eulers formula is used for column of length a. >80 b. <80 c. >90 d. >110

14.If a body weighing 40kg floats in water with 40% of volume immersed, the sp.gravity of the body is

1 b. 0.16 c. 0.25 d.

15.Axial claw clutches a.Disengages b. engages c. engages only with load d. operates only with load

16.If center distance of a involute mating gear changes then the pressure angle

Increases b. decreases c. remains unaltered

17.Normalising is

a.heated above critical temp and cooled in air .
b. heated above critical temp and quenched in oil

c. heated below critical temp and cooled in air

18.The best suited material for permanent magnet a. Alnico b. silicon

19.Hookes joint is used for

a. parallel and intersecting shafts b. non parallel non intersecting

c. nonparallel and intersecting d. parallel and non intersecting

20.To have a const.velocity ratio the two gears should have (or) angular velocity of the gear will remain the same if the .......... cuts the line joining ........ at a fixed point ans law of gearing (check for ans)

21.Which of the following is a loose running fit a. h6f6 b.h6e6 c. h6d6

22.Farenheit and centigrade are equal at a.-40 b.0 c. 32 d.100

23. M10 hexagonal bolt is manufactured a. upset forging and thread rolling b. casting and thread rolling

24.specific speed in a turbo machine depends on a.geometric shape, b.size, c.head, d.all the above.

25.unit of surface roughness is a.micron, b.PPM, c.mm2 ,d.meter

26.mohr’s circle is used to find a.principle stress, b.resultant of…. ANS:c (check for ans),transportation, operation,delay,inspection symbols are used in

a.process chart, b.mam m/c chart, c.grant chart, d.all the above.

28.melting point of ice changes with

a.increase with pressure, b.increase with pressure ratio.

29.If the speed of fan is doubled,quantity of air displaced is

a.doubled, b.4times, c.1/2 times d.remains same.

30. which has less carbon content

a.tool steel,b.spring steel,carburising steel,forging steel.

31.when a helical compressive spring is subjected to axial compression load,the stress induced in the spring will be

a. tensile, b. compressive, c. shear. d. none

32.for a bar element if area, length, and stress are doubled the elastic strain energy will be

Half b. doubled c. 4 times d. 8 times
33 for a punching die , 2mm thick sheet, dia. D ,force f, the shear force is

ans: 8800 (check for ans)

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