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Cisco Placement Papers 

21> In ternary number representation, numbers are represented as 0,1,-1. Here
-1 is represented as - (1 bar). Then how is 352/9 represented......

22> There are processors which take 4,1,8,1 machine cycles respectively. If
these are executed in round robin fashion with a time quantum of 4, what is the
time it take for process 4 to complete....

ANS: 9 (10)

23> The minimum frequency of operation is specified for every processor

24> In memory mapped I/O, what will happen if a device is identified with a 16
bit address and enabled by memory related control signals.....

25> The reason for preferring CMOS over NMOS is....

Ans: Low power consumption.

26> Two binary numbers A,B are given and asked to find out A-B.

27> Each character is represented by 7 bits, 1 bit is used to represent error
bit and another bit for parity. If total number of bits transmitted is
1200bits, then number of symbols that can be transmitted.......

28> One question about the setassociativity of cache..

29> Write the postfix form of the following expression...


30> What is the function of the linker......

31> void f(int y)
struct s *ptr;
ptr = malloc (sizeof (struct)+ 99*sizeof(int));

struct s{
int i;
float p;

when free(ptr) is executed, then what will happen??

Paper 2

1.In the command scanf, h is used for

Ans. Short int

2.A process is defined as

Ans. Program in execution

3.A thread is

Ans. Detachable unit of executable code)

4.What is the advantage of Win NT over Win 95

Ans. Robust and secure

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