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Chartargee Placement Papers 

The information on the interview is pretty sketchy but it may consist of both technical grilling and HR interview.

The written test consists of Section A & Section B. Section A consist of Aptitude. It is very very
easy. You can do the aptitude in 10 minutes. The total time is one hour. There is -ve marking.In Section B there are 3 parts. Part 1 is C,part 2 is C++,Part 3 is general. You should give much much preference to C++. C++ is very very important. C language questions are very easy. You give much time for solving C++ programs.
In the interview also they are asking C++ only. You should be thourough in C++ in friend function, Inheretence,constroctors.In Section B each part consits of 10 questions. There are 30 aptitude questions.



1. A sequence is given. You should find out error & write correct
1 2 5 10 13 26 29 48.
ans: Error is 48,there you should write 58.

2. 2,3 6,7 14,15 29,46. Error is 46. In every pair you add 1 to get
second number. Ans:29+1=30

3. A girl is 13'th highest,13th lowest. How many member.

4 .Rearrange MERGANY
Ans:GERMANY (country)

5. Rearrange BBIRAT

6. (passage)
there are 6 persons k,l,m,n,o,p to give seminar
cond: 3 persons should give before lunch and 3 after lunch
l should immediately precede the seminar of m
there should be no gap between l and m .....

ans: 1. L position is 2
2 m pos is 5
3. k pos is 4

7. (passage)
A is daughter of Y, Z is father of Y. Q is son of Z,
1.if T is son of Y, then
ans: T and A brother/sister
2. if m is brother of T, then
ans :Z is grandfather of M and M & A are brother/sister
3. if Q is son of Z them
ans: Q & Y are brothers
Q. if speed of ongoing train is 24 and while return is 48
avg = ----

8. 0.23 + 0.02323 + 0.002323.... == ???

9. 0.4 + 0.44 + 0.444 ..... = ???


11. 55*55*55+45*45*45/55*55-55*45+45*45

12. 4^^61 + 4^^62 + 4^^63 + 4^^64 . this sum is divisible by which of the following ?

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