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Asdc Placement Papers 

Section A: Aptitude

1. 0.03 of 0.05 is what
a. 15%
b. .15%
c. 0.015%
d. 0.0015%

2. x<y, y<z and z>w which of the following is always true
a. x<w
b. y<w
c. x>w
d. y>w

3. 12 men can do a job in 4 hours .in what time the same job can be done by 15 men ( I did not do)
a. 3 hrs
b. 3 hrs 24 min
c. 2 hrs
d. 3 hrs 30 min

4. 30 socks r there in a basket.60% are red and rest are blue. How many draws should be taken from the basket to make sure that u have 2 blue and 1 red
a. 2
b. 3
c. 14
d. 20

5. When operator * is applied to a number the result is 10 subtracted from the twice of the original number ,so what is *(*9)

6. A husband and wife has 6 sons and each has 5 children each, How many are there in the family altogether

7. 3x-2y=8 so what is 4y-6x
a. 16
b. 16
c. data not sufficient

8. From Chennai to trichy it is 250 miles and from Chennai to Pondicherry it is 120 miles.wat percentage of mile from Chennai to trichy is Chennai to pondi
a. 34
b. 20
c. 36

9. City B is 8 miles east of City A. City C is 6 miles north of City B. City D is 16 miles east of city C. City E is north of City D by 12 miles .what is the shortest distance from City A to City E

10. An employer pays X,Y,Z a weekly wage of total 610. X gets 120% of Y, and X gets 80% of Z what is the weekly wage of X I think answer is 200.

11. There are 50 employees of a company .21 were in training for both economics and science training.11 were in 2 different training programs .find how many of them do not attend any training program few questions were given with some relationship like:
1 head is to cap as finger is to

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