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Sql Interview Questions and Answers

What are the advantages of client/server model ?
Flexibility of the system, scalability, cost saving, centralised control and implementation of business rules, increase of developers productivity, portability, improved network and resource utilization.

What are the disadvantages of the client/server model ?
Heterogeneity of the system results in reduced reliability. May not be suitable for all applications. Managing and tuning networks becomes difficult.

What are the different topologies available for network ?

What is the first work of Client process ?
A client process at first establishes connection with the Server.

What are the responsibilities of a Server ?
1. Manage resources optimally across multiple clients.
2. Controlling database access and security.
3. Protecting the database and recovering it from crashes.
4. Enforcing integrity rules globally.

In a Client/Server context, what does API (Application Programming Interface) refer to ?
An API, in a Client/Server context, is a specification of a set of functions for communication between the client and the server.

Give some examples of standard API??
Open Database Connectivity (ODBC),
Integrated Database Application Programming Interface (IDAPI),

What is the main advantage of developing an application using an API ?
The application can be connected to any back end server that is supported by the API.

What is the main disadvantage of developing an application using an API ?
The application cannot use any special features of the backend server.

Why is an event driven program referred to a passive program ?
Because an event driven program is always waiting for something to happen before processing.

What are the four types of events ?
1. System Events.
2. Control Events
3. User Events
4. Other Events.

What is the difference between file server and a database server ?
A file server just transfers all the data requested by all its client and the client processes the data while a database server runs the query and sends only the query output.

What is inheritance ?
Inheritance is a method by which properties and methods of an existing object are automatically passed to any object derived from it.

What are the two components of ODBC ?
1. An ODBC manager/administrator and
2. ODBC driver.

What is the function of a ODBC manager ?
The ODBC Manager manages all the data sources that exists in the system.

What is the function of a ODBC Driver ?
The ODBC Driver allows the developer to talk to the back end database.

What description of a data source is required for ODBC ?
The name of the DBMS, the location of the source and the database dependent information.

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